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Here are the super powers you will have with Pointro.

All in One

You can monitor all activities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp, Tripadvisor and Zomato. All your venues and competitors of your choice in one place.


Pointro will be your guide through your social media after your accounts are connected. It shows every comment, check-in or picture has been shared by your customers on your feed instantly. You’ll never miss a thing.


Pointro doesn’t burden your business with new loads of work. It rather helps you to ease your work by sending detailed daily and weekly reports to whoever you want, also you get informed instantly when a social media celebrity is in your venue, just like you have a personal assistant.


We know you don’t have tons of time for social media management. You can automate some actions like auto-like and auto-follow. It also suggests you to take on-point actions for customer activities.


Pointro allows you to publish contents which you think describes your business best by various platforms. Also we offer a mobile-friendly and dynamic website that promotes best customer feedbacks and pictures to the world.

Know Your Customers

Pointro analyzes all detailed information about your customers. You get to know your each customer and see everything they share separately. Top influencers,Loyal or Long-time no see customers are categorized by Pointro.


Use analytics tool to measure activity in your venues or competitors. See how well you do in specific time intervals. Also detailed statistics of your customers such as gender or age distributions are available.


Trusted by hundreds of successful venues.


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