About Us

Have you noticed that everyone is holding a smartphone in their hands in fancy restaurants. They share, recommend, comment, connect and share photos. Or remember the last time you were in a concert or a night club, probably smartphones were a better source of light than any other thing in the venue.

Now, it’s time to meet our new mobile customers. Those are the ones who write about their complaints to their friends on social media instead of coming to us. They learn new places from their friends. They want to explore and share. They always expect a personalized and special service. They expect you to know them. The question is “How are we going to reach, manage and gain these new generation customers who share everything?”. This answer needs to be something that is affordable, fast, easy to use and delivering good results.

Pointro is the product of this need. It is created to help places gain more real life customers from social media, know their customers better and increase their customers’ loyalty.

Pointro has been working to find an answer to this question since 2013. We bring our technology expertise together with our marketing expertise. We develop digital solutions for places from a marketing focused point of view.

We aim to be the world leader in this field with happy customers from all around the world.

You can reach information regarding investors from our angel.co profile. Also, we regularly share ideas that will bring new customers to places on our Twitter profile.